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Yatai Pharmaceuticals Attends the 2015 CSCO Conference and Successfully Holds Satellite Meeting

Release Time:2015-09-20

  On September 20, the 2015 CSCO Conference was closed successuflly in Xiamen International Conference Center, and Yatai Pharmaceuticals attended the event. 


  Group Photo of Academician Sun Yan, Professor Yu Shiying, Professor Tang Pingzhang, Professor Liu Jiwei, Professor Fan Taiping, Professor Xu Rongjun, Professor Fu Li, and General Manager Yu Mingshi 

  I. Rg3 internationalized academic brand positioning has been recognized, the invitation of foreign experts for Rg3 speech is unprecedented, and satellite meeting is so hot. 

  Satellite meeting was held on September 18 in Xiamen International Conference Centre, and more than 400 doctors gathered together. Sun Yan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), serves as honorary chairman. Professor Tang Pingzhang of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Professor Yu Shiying of Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology serve as meeting charimen. Dr. David Tai-Ping Fan, Professor of the Department of Pharmacology of University of Cambridge, UK, and Head of Angiogenesis and Chinese Medicine Laboratory, and Dr. Young-Joon Surh, Professor of College of Pharmacy of Seoul National University, South Korea, and Director of Global Research Center for Tumor Microenvironment, serve as the speakers, and deliver wonderful speeches on Rg3 study. 


Speech by Academician Sun Yan 


  Lectured by Professor Fan Taiping: New Dynamics and Prospects of Rg3  


Lectured by Professor Xu Rongjun: The Current Status and Future Prospects of Ginseng R&D in Modern Medical Sciences 

  Discussed by Professor Liu Jiwei 


  Discussed by Professor Fu Li 


Professor Yu Shiying Presents the Award to Professor Li Weiwen, Author of Excellent Thesis on Rg3 


  Hot Scene at Satellite Meeting 


 Careful Listening 

  II. Popularize Rg3 WeChat public platform, more than 14,000 fans concern in half day, and over 2,000 fans browse text-graphic information on WeChat platform 


Popularize Rg3 official website and satellite meeting on WeChat platform, and more than 14,000 fans concern in half day 

Scan QR Code to concern WeChat platform and get a surprise 



  III. Combine WeChat and traditional journals for all-round text-graphic publicity 


Eye-catching Rg3 Outdoor Ads 


  Text-graphic Information about Satellite Meeting on WeChat Platform 


Text-graphic Information about Satellite Meeting Reported on CSCO Daily News 

  IV. Hot discussion in guest room 


Popular in Rg3 guest room 


Academic exchanges between experts 

  The invitation of foreign experts for Rg3 speech is unprecedented, Rg3 internationalized academic brand positioning has been recognized universally, and satellite meeting obtains the unprecedented success. It will build a new Rg3 internationalized brand positioning! 

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