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Theophylline Sustained Release Tablets

Uses relieves the symptoms occur with bronchial asthma, asthmatoid bronchitis, obstructive emphysema as well as cardiac failure. 

Pharmacological effects: this drug may directly relax the airway smooth muscle. The functional mechanism is complicated. In the past, such relaxation is due to the increased cAMP content in the cell by inhibiting the phosphodiesterase. According to recent experiments, however, the release of endogenous adrenaline and noradrenaline gives rise to the bronchus dilating effects of theophylline. In addition, theophylline is a purinoceptors retardant which may protect the airway against the contraction by adenine. Theophylline can enhance the diaphragm contractile force, which is remarkable in case of weak diaphragm contraction, and is good for the improvement of respiratory function.

Specification: 0.1g

Package: medicinal aluminum plastic package.

12 pieces/tablet x 2 tablets/box.

Approval No.: GYZZ H22020130

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